These Poorly Aging Celebrities Look Nothing Like Their Former Selves

Source: Pinterest   Most good things come to an end…including the looks of our beloved Hollywood celebrities. The spotlight that once shone so brightly on them was powerful, focused, and distinctive. Years later, the same focus is exposing how badly these celebs are aging. Don’t get us wrong: we still really like them; but it […]


The Most Enormous Athletes of All Time

  In most competitive sports, size gives athletes a massive advantage. Being taller makes it easier to shoot in basketball, but it could also slow players down compared to lighter athletes. Being heavier makes it harder to be moved in wrestling. The list of advantages is long, but most athletes are only slightly larger than […]


Familiar Faces From TV Commercials — Who Are They Really?

  Anyone with a television set has no doubt experienced the following scenario at some point in their life: You’re sitting on your couch, watching your favorite movie or TV show, and then the commercials suddenly start. Your drink is already topped off and you don’t need any more snacks, so you sit right where […]


Smartest Professional Athletes in Every Sport

  Professional athletes are mostly known for their athletic prowess, toned bodies, expert skill on the field, court, or rink, and often for just being not that smart. Stereotypes aside, we all know you can’t just lump all athletes into the “dumb jock” category. It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn there are many smart […]