Smartest Professional Athletes in Every Sport

  Professional athletes are mostly known for their athletic prowess, toned bodies, expert skill on the field, court, or rink, and often for just being not that smart. Stereotypes aside, we all know you can’t just lump all athletes into the “dumb jock” category. It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn there are many smart […]


The Strangest Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit

  There are some locations around the world that we’ll never know the truth about. These forbidden places are among the most mysterious in the world. They range from secret government facilities to abandoned islands to places that are only rumored to exist. No, they’re not conspiracy theories like Roswell or myths like Atlantis or […]


Groovy, Rare Vintage Photos That Will Take You Down Memory Lane

  Who doesn’t love a good trip down memory lane? Science suggests that our feelings of nostalgia have a close relationship to a heightened emotional state, most specifically to our happiest memories. It’s no surprise, then, that when we see old vintage photos, they tend to put us in a great mood. That’s what we’ve […]

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There’s Something Special About Each and Every One of these Women

  How do we measure beauty? It’s “all in the eye of the beholder,” right? It can be a tricky subject to broach, but there’s little doubt that it goes way beyond the physical. Instead, true beauty comes from within. The spirt, soul and mind of each of these women is the true key to […]


These Celebrity Couples Met on Set, but Has It Been a Happy Hollywood Ending?

While working on the set of Pontiac Moon in 1993, Ted Danson met Mary Steenburgen, whom he would later marry in 1995. The two would work on a few projects together, including the acclaimed miniseries Gulliver’s Travels (pictured). Now, more than 20 years later, the two are as close as ever, based on Danson’s Instagram account.